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Big Rock Beach, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

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Description of Improvements on Lot 10, Big Rock Beach, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
This is from the official document filed for capital improvements with the Honduran government.

Lot is  0.54 acre with 72' of linear sand beachfront on Big Rock Beach, South Shore, Utila. Bay Islands. Community dock located 80' away. Access by water or back road (to lagoon or west end of island).

House has concrete floor on ground level, concrete in PVC columns supporting frame house with metal roof. Total roof is 48' x 48' (2304 square feet).

Upstairs has 1080 interior square feet (36' x 30'). There are 2 bedrooms (12' x 18'), each with a private bathroom (6' x 12'), a living room (12' x 36') with 2 storage closets (3' x 2'), a kitchen with dining room (12' x 18').

Upstairs has 1224 square feet of covered porch (6' wide on back and sides, 12' x 36' on front).

Downstairs has a 432 square foot apartment (24' x 18'), with complete kitchen and bathroom; a 216 square foot locked storage room (12' x 18') containing the washer, dryer, hot water heater tank, water pump, water filter and UV water purification system; and an outdoor shower.

Behind the house is a 400 square foot work bodega (20' x 20').

Detailed Description:

All lumber pressure treated. All fasteners and hardware galvanized. All electrical wire is #12-2 with ground.

Paint: All painted surfaces have 1 coat primer plus 2 or more top coats. Siding is latex semi-gloss with antifungus added. Wallboard is latex semi-gloss. Trim is white gloss enamel.

Foundations: Concrete 3'x3' at least 3' deep, reinforced with rebar. Reinforced concrete slab on bottom level (including storage room and apartment), on grade into undisturbed soil.

Columns: PVC pipe filled with concrete, reinforced with 3 pieces 1/2" rebar extending well into foundation.

Upstairs Floor Beams: 4" x 8", tied down to column with heavy metal strap or large bolts extending well into concrete in column. Front porch beams are pitched downhill toward water 1" to shed rainwater.

Floor and Porch Decking: Pine 1" x 6" x 12' tongue & groove, sanded and finished with 2 coats polyurethane varnish. Marine polyurethane varnish used on all exterior porches.

Railings: 4" x 4" on corners tied to beam and to header with hurricane straps. 1" x 6" top rail, routed round on edge and notched around posts. 2" x 4" rail-high posts evenly spaced between full-height posts to support lower horizontal rails. Rope rails installed on front so view of water is not blocked. Flat 2" x 4" horizontal lower rails on rest of house.

Rafters: Rafters are 2" x 8". All rafters tied to house and header with straps. Deck over with 1'' x 6'' tongue & groove, bead down, on front porch. Porch header interior covered with 1" x 6" tongue & groove, bead out, installed vertically. Soffit on house is closed. Soffit on porch is open with decking exposed, and rafter ends are shaped and rounded. Porch header exterior covered with siding. Porch ceiling, rafters, header interior, soffit, posts, rail and exterior trim are all painted white.

Roofing: White C3 galvanized metal sheet roofing (zinc) screwed to 1" x 4" scantlings. On porch, scantlings are on top of 1" x 6" deck, flashed with metal under siding on gable wall. Hip roof on front of house over porch. Roof overhangs entire porch by 2' on all sides of house.

Doors: Solid Mahogany doors throughout, except on upstairs closets and front doors. Front double doors are solid Honduran hardwood with glass. Each upstairs bedroom closet has double JELD-WIN pine wood louvered slab door (36 inch x 80 inch each), stained to match other interior doors. Two living room storage closets have single JELD-WIN pine wood louver door (36 inch x 80 inch), same finish as bedrooms.

Walls: Walls are framed for siding on exterior and concrete wallboard on interior. All wall framing 2" x 4", 16" on center. Exterior shiplap wood siding applied horizontally over vapor barrier, finished and painted with primer and two final coats.

Windows: All bedroom and bathroom windows are aluminum single hung. Living room has 4 vinyl, single hung, LowE3 insulated glass with Argon gas. All windows have extra-fine screens (640 holes-per-inch sand fly netting).

Closets: Upstairs bedroom closets are 7' x 2' inside and have 1 shelf over a clothes hanger rod. Double doors are solid wood with wooden louvers for ventilation. Living room closets are 4', with 5 shelves 1' deep, and a single solid wood louver door opening to living room. All closets have wallboard, trimmed and painted white inside.

Ceilings: All interior ceilings, side porch and back porch ceilings are concrete wallboard, painted white. Ceilings in bedrooms and kitchen/dining area have plaster texture under paint.

Interior Floors: Pine 1" x 6" x 12' tongue & groove, sanded and finished with 2 coats polyurethane varnish.

Exterior Electrical: Front porch wired for 2 ceiling fans (lights installed, hidden wiring). Back porch wired for 3 exterior ceiling lights. Front and back porches wired for 2 weatherproof double outlets on walls. Side upstairs porches wired for 1 weatherproof double outlet and 1 exterior ceiling light each. Downstairs has exterior ceiling lights in front and back, plus one for stairs.

Interior Electrical: 200 amp panel. Utility wires to house are underground from power pole on public access road.

AC and Fans: All interior rooms except bathrooms have ceiling fans with lights. Both upstairs bedrooms have wall air conditioners with remote controls and exterior wooden covers when not in use.

Water and Plumbing: Well is located on back of property. Installed in solid coral, the flowing well has never been pumped dry. Water quality is very good. Electric pressure pump with 30 gallon fiberglass bladder tank is located in downstairs locked storage room. Whole-house sediment filter (in use) and UV purification filter system (installed but not in use). Twenty-gallon hot water tank (electric). PVC and CPVC plumbing. Water hose faucets are upstairs on both sides of the house, downstairs by the storage room and in the bodega (total of 4).

1000 gallon concrete septic tank and 200 square foot drain field is larger than required by health department.

Outdoor shower with hot and cold water, concrete pad, and hose bib for washing dive equipment located downstairs.

Bathrooms: Large 6' x 12' room, tile shower with glass block wall, custom cabinetry, single sink, toilet, in-wall medicine cabinet, 2 towel bars, 2 towel hooks, 1 hand towel ring, 3 windows, locking mahogany doors opening to back porch and bedroom.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Custom cabinets, painted wood, formica countertops. Stainless steel double sink with stainless drain board on both sides. Standard full size refrigerator. Propane gas stove with 6 burners and full size oven. Exhaust hood over stove vents into room.

Downstairs Apartment: 24' x 18' (432 square feet) has full kitchen with 4 burner gas stove with full size oven, exhaust fan with light, stainless steel single sink with stainless drain boards, custom cabinets of painted wood with formica countertop, refrigerator with top freezer; bathroom has shower, custom cabinet with single sink, toilet, medicine cabinet; main room has ceiling fan with light, closet, Mahogany solid doors on front, back and bathroom.

Storage Room: Concrete floor, 6' wide double door with deadbolt lock, contains hot water tank, washing machine, dryer, water pump and water filter system, 4 ceiling lights, shelving for tools.

Work bodega: 20' x 20' bodega with 4" x 4" treated lumber posts, open walls, metal roof, concrete floor, cold water faucet.

Property has low coral rock dry walls in front, landscaped front yard with sand and gravel areas, xeriscape on rear of property.